Samara Aesthetics acknowledges the importance of comprehensive health and recognises the vital role that vitamins play in ensuring the health of your skin. We offer vitamin infusions in Perth to ensure that your body has access to all the micronutrients it needs to look, feel and function at its best. Contact us today to find out more about how our vitamin infusions in Perth can help you.

Intravenous vitamin infusion

The vital essential vitamins (vitamin B1-12, C, D and minerals (glutathione, Zn, Mg), if lacking, can lead to a poor sense of well-being In our hectic lifestyles, it’s easy to become either deficient in these nutrients or to miss out on absorbing them due to other medical conditions.

Therefore, intravenous infusions of vitamins and minerals can have many benefits for the health and well-being in our lives.

What are the main vitamins?
  • Vitamin C can, for example, boost our immune function and can act as a powerful antioxidant in our bodies.
  • B complex of vitamins can lead to increased energy levels and higher efficiency of our metabolic function.
  • Similarly, Infusions of vitamin C and the administering of glutathione via the glutathione drip can have positive effects on our health as well as our skin. These are used as skin “brightening and lightening” infusions.
  • Meyer’s cocktail often involves a combination of these vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C, Glutathione, Magnesium and Vitamin B complex.
How do I know which vitamins are best for me?

The doctor will take a thorough history and perform a relevant physical examination to determine your vitamin requirements. This will also help guide you on your choice for the most appropriate combination for you.

You will also be presented with alternative treatment options as well as the risks and benefits of each of the individual ingredients.

What symptoms might I have if I lack essential Vitamins?
  • Tiredness
  • Lacking in energy
  • Recurrent illness
  • Poor mood
  • Frequent breakouts of skin including pimples and acne
Why can’t I take these vitamins as a tablet?

There is no harm in taking vitamins as oral supplements. However, when taken orally the concentrations that reach the bloodstream are lower than when the same vitamin is given as an infusion. This is similar to why we receive antibiotics intravenously in hospitals. This is to achieve a much higher plasma (blood) concentration and therefore exert a better therapeutic result.

What vitamins and minerals can be given intravenously?
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Minerals & elements – Magnesium, Zinc and Glutathione.
  • Meyer’s cocktail – a combination of these intravenous nutrients to effect a sense of well-being and vitality.
Can these be mixed?

Yes. Many combinations of vitamins can be safely mixed in one bag.

You can determine with the help of the doctor which ones may benefit you the most.

How long does each infusion take?

Most infusions take between 15-20 mins.

Who performs the infusions?

The doctor does all of the infusions at Samara Aesthetics.

How often can I get a vitamin Infusion?

There is no set time frame for each infusion. The doctor may, however, recommend a frequency for your injections, for maximal benefit. It will also depend on the reason that you are getting the infusions and the desired results that you aim for.

Different protocols apply to various conditions that are treated. For example, the skin brightening infusions of Vitamin C and glutathione are done once weekly for 12 consecutive weeks followed by maintenance treatments.

In general, most people like to continue maintenance infusions, of at least two or three every year.

Are there any risks?

Any medical procedure carries potential side effects, and these are best discussed with the doctor at the time of your consultation.

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