What are Thread Lifts?

A thread lift is a non-surgical procedure that tightens the skin and tissue around the face and neck, leaving you with a more youthful appearance.

All areas of the face and neck can benefit from thread lift treatment, in particular:

  • Jowl lines – the hanging skin along the jawline
  • Nasolabial lines – commonly known as laughter lines around the corners of the mouth
  • Midface ptosis – loss of volume around the middle of the face
  • Brow ptosis – sagging skin in the upper face
  • Turkey neck – the sagging and creased skin around the neck

The area to be treated is anesthetised using a local anaesthetic and the threads are gently inserted into the subcutaneous tissue and engaged into the ideal position for maximum benefit.

After the procedure, the excess threads are trimmed and topical antibiotic gel is applied to the insertion points.

Always ensure you choose a fully qualified and experienced professional for this procedure. Dr Sam Aravinth is a national threads trainer, so you can be assured you are in the best hands when you are treated at Samara Aesthetics.

Patients often see a noticeable difference immediately after the procedure, but the best results can usually be seen 3-4 weeks after the procedure.

The threads themselves last in the tissue for approximately 12-15 months and the combined effect of the mechanical lift and collagen stimulation lasts up to 3 years.

The threads are placed under the skin with a local anaesthetic applied. They exert an initial mechanical lift, which forms approximately 10-15% of the lift. The remainder and majority of the tightening effect is created by the collagen stimulation effect of the threads themselves.

This collagen stimulation effectively improves over a 3-12 month period following the procedure. This means that the results are subtle and continue to enhance your appearance gradually over a few months.

The procedure is minimally invasive and is completed in the medical office under local anaesthetic. Swelling of the treated area is the most common side effect and can last up to 72 hours post-procedure.

However, there is no cutting or incisions made. The threads are passed under the skin via a small needle. Most people can return to work the same afternoon or within 1-2 days.


Depending on the number of threads used:

Eyebrow (Fox Eye) $990
Half region $990
1 region $1800
1.5 regions $2499
2 regions $3490
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