What is Tesla Former treatment?

Tesla Former is a non-invasive treatment using magnetic resonance energy to stimulate muscle growth. This form of energy has been used for patients who have suffered a stroke or similar condition, which may have limited their ability to use their muscles.

The magnetic energy can be applied directly to stimulate the activity of the muscle and thereby enhance the muscle growth.

Most areas of the body can benefit from Tesla Former and you don’t even have to remove your clothing during the treatment.

Patients commonly select Tesla Former to improve the aesthetics of their abdomen (washboard abs), gluteal area (butt lift) and the calves.

The applicators of the device are attached to the treatment area for a duration of 15-20 minutes. It is a comfortable treatment that does not require any pain relief.

Each area of treatment requires a minimum of 4-5 sessions, usually spaced by a week between sessions.

Results can be seen after the first treatment, though many people require several treatments to obtain very visual results. Once results are seen at the desired level, the results generally last up to 12 months, although adding in an exercise routine to maintain the muscle formation is recommended and can make a difference to the time the results can last.

Passing an electrical current through muscle is a passive way of contracting muscles, however, using magnetic energy to stimulate muscle growth is an active process. As an example, applying the Tesla Former to the abdominal muscles for a duration of 20 minutes is the equivalent to doing 50 000 crunches.

This form of energy not only stimulates local muscle growth but leads to decreased fat stores in the adjacent tissue.

Tesla Former is a non-invasive treatment and does not have any down time.  There is no pain during or after the treatment.


This is dependent on the number of treatments.

Tesla 1 (trial) $250
Tesla 4 $1299
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