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Anti-wrinkle Injections
Glabella (Frown Lines)$150.00
Forehead (Horizontal Lines)$150.00
Crows Feet (Both Sides)$150.00
Chin/Vertical Lip Lines$75.00
Brow Lift$75.00
Bunny Lines (Nasal Lines)$75.00
Hyperhydrosis (Excessive Sweating) -armpits$400.00
Masseters (Teeth grinding) – both sides$350.00
Top up Treatment$75.00
Dermal Fillers
Volume (1ml)$399.00
LIPS (1ml)$399.00
Naso-Labial Lines (2ml)$798.00
Mini – Lift ( 7point lift- 3mls)$1197.00
Long lasting filler (2.5 years) 1ml$798.00
Thread LIFT
Small Region$850.00
1 Regions$1600.00
2 Regions$2200.00
Platelet Rich Plasma
Full Face Treatment$299.00
Brow lift (small)$250.00
Face ( Half)$450.00
Neck/Face lift$900.00
Cosmetic Treatments
Cosmetic mole removal (<6 small moles)$250.00
Milia removal (3-7)$189.00
Sclerotherapy Injections$300.00
Laser Treatments
Laser Pigment Removal (full face)$160.00
Laser Vascular Treatment$189.00
Skin Resurfacing (Ablative)$250.00
Laser Tattoo Removal$149.00
Face Hair Removal$149.00
Body Hair removal also available
Plasma Pen
Plasma Pen Treatment (Both upper eye lids)$340.00
Plasma Pen Treatment (Both upper and lower eye lids)$550.00
Skin Treatments
Chemical Peels$79.00
Skin Needling (with numbing cream)$79.00
Meso-Therapy injections (various)$150.00
Intravenous Vitamin Treatment
Vitamin C infusion$149.00
Skin Brightening/Whitening infusion (Vit. C & Glutathione)$169.00
Meyer’s Cocktail Infusion (Vit. B,C, Glutathione, Mg)$189.00
Fat dissolving Injections 1 treatment$600.00
Skin Care
Skin Care RangeIndividually Priced
Mineral Make-up
Mineral Make-up (Jane Iredale)Individually Priced

* current prices as of April 2018