Perth-based Samara Aesthetics has a wealth of experience offering anti-ageing skin care to those battling with the signs and signals of age. Our clinic is located on 918 Beaufort Street, Inglewood. Rest assured that you’ve come to the right place. We rely only on medically sound practices, incorporating advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology to help you regain your youthful appearance. These practices and procedures are administered by a team of exceptionally qualified staff who bring out the best of your natural features. Contact us today to find out more.

Tailormade treatment

You’re unique, and that is precisely the approach we take at Samara Aesthetics. Before the recommendation and undertaking of any procedure, we will conduct a computerised skin and facial analysis. This will enable us to tailor a treatment plan to your specific needs to ensure you get the results you want. Our findings will also be discussed with you during the consultation to give you a greater understanding of your situation, and to equip you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

What causes wrinkles?

Wrinkles are part and parcel of ageing. While in our younger days our skin is smooth, tight, and vibrant because of its ability to retain moisture and elasticity. However, with age comes the breakdown and deterioration of elastin and collagen resulting in loose, sagging, and thin skin. This is epitomised by wrinkles and lines or creases in the skin as well as varicose veins.

All is not lost, as there are many ways in which wrinkles and other signs of ageing can be treated.

Getting rid of jowls

Earlier we alluded to the effects of aging on your skin. During this process you will notice that besides wrinkles you will also develop a drooping jawline. Our treatments are designed to reverse and reduce the effects of aging and gravity on your natural appearance. We have a variety of treatments to help keep your skin tight, taut, healthy and glowing.

  • Collagen induction

Samara Aesthetics provides dermal stimulators that can be injected underneath the skin to stimulate the body’s natural collagen producing cells. This will encourage your body to create fresh, new collagen, and this process yields both a tightening of the overlying skin as well as a stimulation of additional volume.

  • Wrinkle Injections

These are injections used in cosmetic medicine to relax muscles that leads to wrinkles.

  • Facial sculpting

Face sculpting enhances the general appearance of the face taking into consideration factors like proportions of the face and its features. Contouring can be performed for the forehead, tear trough, nose, cheeks, eyebrows, lips, chin and jawline.

  • Facial Peels

Facial peels are a fantastically inexpensive way of rejuvenating a tired face as well as removing unwanted pigment and pores.

  • Age spots treatment

More spots and blemishes will accumulate over time due to a combination of the ageing process and lifestyle choices. We have a variety of treatments that help reduce them and restore your skin.

  • Varicose vein treatments

Varicose veins are small swollen unsightly veins found on the lower legs of men and women. We have many different treatments that specialise in treating this condition.

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